How I gained 1 k followers on Instagram in 1 month

How I gained 1 k followers on Instagram in 1 month

Hi guys!
Then it’s time for the first official post here on the blog.The first tips I want to share with you is how I reached 1 k followers on Instagram in a month.With over 1 billion users, a ton of clever and creative brands on Instagram, it’s a competitive place if you want to grow your account and boost your following. I had decided that I would do this even if I thought it would be difficult. But I stood up and tried my best. Which resulted in something positive.

– Create an attractive bio with an incentive to follow.
-Work on your posts to develop your own layout.
– Engage with brands or even people that might be interested in you content.

And then over to the other tips… 

1 – Join Instagram engagement groups
This tactic is perfect for beginners on Instagram or for those who want to get more followers. Some Instagram profiles have seen their Instagram followers increase fast.

2 – Gain followers by having a consistent style/layout
I know that sounds strange. However, not everyone follows you because of the content you post, but because they understand how your future posts will look. Having a consistent style or theme is more than just posting everything on your page. It’s about creating anticipation for your Instagram account that your followers can follow. They want to see more of the same, every day.

3 – Use hashtags# to get followers
I usually copy and paste hashtags that I have found and that fit the image. You add all those hashtags in the first comment. And as your page engagement grows, no one will see the first comment.The most popular hashtags is:

4 – Collaborate with awesome brands
When you partner with a brand you can be sponsored with various products to promote it on your Instagram account to reach out to others. To get started, you can send mail to the various sites you would like to work with and ask if they are interested. When you post one post with their product then you can tag them in a photo,  they may publish your photo and tag you. If they have many followers then there is a great chance that people will start following you.


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