It doesn’t have to be complicated to set up one budget. That’s how to figure out the best way for you to set up one. You don’t have to reach the end of every single moth wondering where your money went. Doing a budget is about telling your money where to go. And if you’re not good at budgeting, that’s alright! It takes a little time, but eventually it gets good.

So here I come up with some tips that have worked well for me, which I hope will work well for you as well.

1.Write down your income for the month
First, write down all the revenue you have for the month. Remember to include everything.

2.List all your expenses
Write down all your bills that you have for the month. After that, write down all your costs. Like gas, food and other thing. Every single dollar you spend should be accounted for.

3.Substantial expenses from income to equal zero
Meaning your income minus your expenses should equal zero. If you are above or below, try again.

4.Track your expenses throughout the month
Once you start the budget, you still need to stay on top of your expenses. The good news is that every dollar makes tracking your expenses and budgeting for them. You can visit to learn more about it.

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